Monday, February 21, 2011

A Charlotte Mason Education

I ordered this book last year off Amazon. I was so excited to receive it in the mail. Who doesn't love packages in the mail especially ones with books?! I must say I was disappointed when I read this. This book has 20 chapters and each chapter is 1 or 2 pages long! The introduction is great. The book is basically an overview (broad overview) of what your school day would look like using the Charlotte Mason Method and without any of the depth and meaning behind it. (which makes a huge difference) I personally did not come across anything in this book that can not be found at Simply Charlotte Mason. In addition, I have not referenced the book once! Simply Charlotte Mason is a wonderful site loaded with tons of free information and more at decent prices. I would recommend the Simply Charlotte Mason website for a broad overview of what a "CM" day would look like. Next, I recommend For the Children's Sake (<-links to my review of this book) and then A Charlotte Mason Companion. Of course slowly working on reading Mason's own six volume set isn't a bad idea either!

WoW! So when I went to get the link for Charlotte Mason's Homeschooling series, I seen that you can get the books individually for $1.99 on your kindle!! Score!!! I'm soooo excited! (I got a kindle as my Christmas present from my husband)

*The above picture is linked to Amazon as well as all links except For the Children's Sake. On Amazon you can view inside all books.
**This is my personal opinion about A Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levison.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Late Valentine's Day Post

The boys always wake up on Valentine's Day to a surprise! It's different every year and some years are more elaborate than others. But it is always celebrated! This year was a less elaborate year but as always fun!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lessons 17 - 20

Since I'm so behind on posting my weekly MFW lessons I thought it would be best to bulk catch up. I didn't take many pictures in January but I'm back on track with taking pics. for February. :)

Lesson 17 ~ Kangaroo
  • read about Australia in the Rookie Read About Geography book Australia
  • Australia map work with a printable worksheet and the Tag world map
  • found an early reader book at the library about Kangaroos
  • watched National Geographic Really Wild Animals Wonders Down Under
Lesson 18 ~ Zebra
  • read about Africa in the Rookie Read About Geography book Africa
  • ran out of ink that week so no printable
  • Tag world map work in Africa
  • found an early reader book at the library on Zebras
  • watched National Geographic Really Wild Animals Swinging Safari
Lesson 19 ~ Rock
  • Read books about rocks
  • had a rock tray
  • made a volcano with Daddy
Lesson 20 ~ Jewel
  • read information about jewels

During this time Chris finished his 100 chart.

That about sums up our last few weeks in MFW.