Saturday, May 14, 2011

** 2011 - 2012 Curriculum **

I'm so excited for this years curriculum! I've had lots of time to look over (&over) tons of resources and have spent some time thinking & praying. I'm so thankful for all the resources available and the work that is made ready for me!

Chris ~ Grade 1: I basically followed the CM Curriculum Guide (i seriously love that site btw) while changing up some things.
It's a lot and that's why I left out quite a few subjects suggested on CM. We had such a lackadaisical curriculum last year that I didn't want to throw us in shock and accomplish nothing! The Poetry, Nature Study, and Picture Study will be weekly. The Science is 3 days a week.

I still have quite a few ideas spinning around in me head and I'm trying to figure out if they will work or not!

Zack ~ Preschool:
  • 6 Montessori based Trays
  • Raising Rock Stars Preschool - we will being joining to have access to the power points as well
  • Reading Time each day
  • Joining Chris for Poetry, Nature Study, and Art
  • His own Personal Development program using the same resources I'm using with Chris
Nate ~ Toddler: ohhhhh how I don't like the thought that he will be a toddler during this school year! He's still a baby in my head so squishy, juicy, and lovey! And I know he still will be all those things, I just really like the idea of him being a baby cake!
  • Some form of Tot School mixed with some CM & Montessori applications
I'm working on a schedule and trying to figure out how we can work everything with as much ease, comfort, and fun as possible.

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