Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun + an update

We had a great Easter! It was a little different this year due to some things. This was a little hard for me because I like tradition and I like Easter & Christmas to be celebrated LONG (think Lent & Advent)! I had to evaluate my heart and though those things are Good it is ok if things are different one year :) With that being said - here are some things we did for Easter this year:

  • the boys memorized two new prayers - one for meals and one for bedtime
  • we created a "repentance box". You can read about it here. Hers is much prettier than mine. we used an old baby wipe box. :)
  • the boys made these t-shirts during Holy Week. I got this idea from Rick & Marilyn Boyer's Hands-On Character Building book.
~ Easter Sunday ~ Nathanael's First Easter!!!
My two oldest received Pillow Pets and a special book. Chris got The Beginner's Bible (Holy Bible). This is the whole Bible. Zack received My ABC Bible Verses. They loved all of these things. :)

We made some cute Eastery cookies I seen in a magazine. I personally didn't like them but they did and so did my stepsisters.

That wraps up our Easter 2011!!

~~Update~~ I haven't been on much lately because I was trying to spend less time on the computer for Lent. I'm working on trying to figure this out! How I can spend the least amount of time on the Internet and still look and enjoy everything I like to do! In addition, my husband & I are working on some major changes (jobs & living location). I really do enjoy blogging though so we'll see... hopefully I'll get it [balance] soon :D