Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Learning (Bailey Flanigan Series)

This is the second book in the Bailey Flanigan Series.

Main Characters - Bailey Flanigan, Cody Coleman

Side Characters - Brandon Paul, Cheyenne ?

Extremely Side Characters - Ashley Baxter Blake, Landon Blake

Summary - This book picks up where Leaving left off. Pretty much you are following the details of their journey. Bailey is working on Broadway and Cody is a high school football coach. They get closer to their new "love interests". and every once in a while you hear about how the Blake family is doing.

My Personal Thoughts - This book seemed to focus more on the love drama part of the story line than the first book did. I think/felt like the author spent way too much time talking about football and Cody more than she mentioned Bailey.The football was interesting sometimes but boring to me a lot of the time. I had a hard time getting through this one and put it down often for a few days at a time. The Baxter family was mentioned so little that I feel they either should be mentioned more or not included at all. In addition, I'm finding some of the characters to be fake. It seems to me like the author is dropping in some foreshadowing leading me to believe that Bailey & Cody will end up together in the end. And I certainly would not like that! I think Cody doesn't deserve Bailey and Brandon Paul is a much better fit for her. I guess none of us really deserve our spouses though, right?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series)

I bought this book at BJ's last summer (2011) for $9.99. I read it that summer as well. This was the first fiction book I've read by Karen Kingsbury. I don't know if I'm titling things right or doing the review right. Just take my review for what it is for ~ so you can decide if you want to read or check out this book. :)

Main Characters - Bailey Flanigan, Cody Coleman

Side Characters - Brandon Paul, Cheyenne ?

Extremely Side Characters - Ashley Baxter Blake, Landon Blake

Summary - Bailey graduates and is trying to "find her way". She leaves her hometown to work on Broadway in Chicago. Cody gets his first real job as a high school football coach. He was in the Iraqi wars and his buddy died. He meets at his friend's mother's house once a week for dinner as way to honor his buddy by keeping his mom company during this time. Bailey & Cody dated in high school and then he just vanished and didn't speak to her or her family anymore. Brandon Paul & Cheyenne are the characters that each are starting to have feelings for. Landon & Ashley are married with children and he is struggling with a lung condition that is possibly from helping out with 9/11.

My Personal Thoughts - I found the book fresh, uplifting, and inspiring. It was a fun read, getting to know everyone and what their situation is.

Just So You Know- Karen Kingsbury includes things like facebook, twitter, 9/11, the Iraq wars, etc. in the Bailey Flanigan Series. It's like everything is happening now in our time. ~ which I personally don't care for. People think Bible verses in their heads, hear God speaking to them, pray, and go to Bible studies. ~ that's cool and different.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Week's Goals:


1. catch up on Bible reading plan
2. finish made to crave


3. Pray for my husband
4. figure out how we can go on a date this month

5. finish reading Mr. Popper's Penguins
6. start weekly one on one activities with each child

Home Management-

7. prepare project life pictures and journaling cards for 2012
8. create ongoing shutterfly photo album 2012
9. work on project life 2011
10. finish 2010 shutterfly album

needless to say - I am behind on my memory keeping! I will catch up!! :D