Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series)

I bought this book at BJ's last summer (2011) for $9.99. I read it that summer as well. This was the first fiction book I've read by Karen Kingsbury. I don't know if I'm titling things right or doing the review right. Just take my review for what it is for ~ so you can decide if you want to read or check out this book. :)

Main Characters - Bailey Flanigan, Cody Coleman

Side Characters - Brandon Paul, Cheyenne ?

Extremely Side Characters - Ashley Baxter Blake, Landon Blake

Summary - Bailey graduates and is trying to "find her way". She leaves her hometown to work on Broadway in Chicago. Cody gets his first real job as a high school football coach. He was in the Iraqi wars and his buddy died. He meets at his friend's mother's house once a week for dinner as way to honor his buddy by keeping his mom company during this time. Bailey & Cody dated in high school and then he just vanished and didn't speak to her or her family anymore. Brandon Paul & Cheyenne are the characters that each are starting to have feelings for. Landon & Ashley are married with children and he is struggling with a lung condition that is possibly from helping out with 9/11.

My Personal Thoughts - I found the book fresh, uplifting, and inspiring. It was a fun read, getting to know everyone and what their situation is.

Just So You Know- Karen Kingsbury includes things like facebook, twitter, 9/11, the Iraq wars, etc. in the Bailey Flanigan Series. It's like everything is happening now in our time. ~ which I personally don't care for. People think Bible verses in their heads, hear God speaking to them, pray, and go to Bible studies. ~ that's cool and different.

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