Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homeschool Convention & Baby Wipes

Well today I'm 31 weeks. I can not believe I have only 9 weeks to go! There were slow months and fast months. The past two months went by quick. Our state's homeschool convention was June 10 & 11. We had a great time. My husband & I agreed and felt good about purchasing the My Father's World Kindergarden curriculum for Chris this year. Here is a pic. of all we got in it:

Total for this is $189.00. This is actually a great price in comparison to other curriculums out there. In addition future children are $29.95 plus the cost of new ants and butterflies. My Father's World advertises that they are a blend of Charlotte Mason's ideas and claassical education w/a Biblical worldview. It has the paperwork for my husband and the lessons are only 60 - 90 minutes total which is agreeable w/Charlotte Mason plus tons of hands on learning which is also CM and great for my boys! In addition, it teaches Creation as the foundation of the world so no dinosaur eras and all that junk, which we both love.
Here are a few extras we picked up while there:
The total for this is about $75.00. I know that seems like a lot but I've been wanting each of these for sometime and it is cheaper to buy at the fair than paying shipping & handling from each separate site to order these. The top right book "For the Children's Sake" actually coms with the My Father's World Kindergarden curriculum. I forgot to put it in the other pic. It was so much fun bringing home all these items! I have read "Mommy, Teach Me!". It was awesome! I'm now reading "For The Children's Sake". It has been very insightful so far and I look forward to posting on all these books.

On to baby wipes - we decided to go cloth wipes and diapers with this baby boy. I tried the gdiapers w/Zack and they were no good. I've heard great things about cloth wipes and diapers and it just feels right. So far I made 27 cloth wipes using all extra materials! The cost $0! Unless you count thread so like 50 cents for all. What I love is that that is my total. No running to the store and spending $15/month on wipes. When we get low they go in the wash at home. Seems more convient than disposables in my opinion. We'll see! These were so easy to make. I mainly found suggestions for 8x8. Most of mine are around 9x9. You just cut your squares and serge away or fold under and straight stitch. I found it comepletely satisfying. :)

My total stack!

Some wipes I made from an old stained shirt!
These are actually my favorite. They are so soft.

And some that I made from left over squares
from bedsheets I made for the boys last winter.

That's all for now!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Schooling In July

I had a blog for a little over a year that was created for our many family members that live "so far away". However, family did not visit the blog so I decided to close it down. About a year later we are starting our "official" first year of homeschooling and another baby boy coming in September, I just had to re-open my blog! Since the baby is due Sept. 1 we decided to start school July 5 with hopes of having 6 - 8 weeks completed before the baby comes in order to take two weeks off. This would keep us "on schedule". There is so much my husband & I liked about Charlotte Mason's method and Maria Montessori's that I am attempting to blend what we like of each and create a nice balance. I hope that anyone who sees this blog will be encouraged in their homeschooling and maybe some family members will stop by too. :) Will be posting again w/materials an totals spent soon!