Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Trays & Shelves

We moved to a little country city just a few minutes outside of Nashville, TN! Here school started August 5! I've had very little time for getting ready for school between moving, packing, and all the stuff you gotta do when moving to another state. However, we started! No choice in the matter do to homeschooling laws around these parts! ;)

So here are our trays & shelves in our very own homeschooling room (pics. to come when it is actually complete):

Chris ( age 6/First Grade):

Superminds - will be changing pattern every so often
Sketch Book - we have not incorporated any drawing, sketching, art time. We do have a weekly art picture study but until we work in hands on art this will do. He seems to look forward to his sketch time and gets into it. One side is regular oil pastels and the other side is chalk pastels. I bought them both on clearance at Jo-Ann's for $1.97/each!

Bought this at Border's with 50% off coupon! Chris loves it and has only used it once a day for a week and has learned how to tie shoes from it!
~ his shelf at a glance ~

Zack (age 4/ preschool):
Math ~ there are numbers 1 - 6 in the card pile.
He sorts them out and then matches a bean to
each picture.
Fine Motor ~ cutting. He still struggles with just this basic cut.
So I bought him scissors like these to help as his little hand muscles develop.
They have made a big difference!!
A part of his shelf that's not trays :)
~~ beads/lacing, puzzle, & card sorting ~~
~ his shelf at a glance ~

I really, really can't rave enough about trays and shelves!!! The boys absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! In addition, I've seen much improvement in the boy's various skills!