Monday, June 28, 2010

Schooling In July

I had a blog for a little over a year that was created for our many family members that live "so far away". However, family did not visit the blog so I decided to close it down. About a year later we are starting our "official" first year of homeschooling and another baby boy coming in September, I just had to re-open my blog! Since the baby is due Sept. 1 we decided to start school July 5 with hopes of having 6 - 8 weeks completed before the baby comes in order to take two weeks off. This would keep us "on schedule". There is so much my husband & I liked about Charlotte Mason's method and Maria Montessori's that I am attempting to blend what we like of each and create a nice balance. I hope that anyone who sees this blog will be encouraged in their homeschooling and maybe some family members will stop by too. :) Will be posting again w/materials an totals spent soon!

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  1. I'm glad you decided to get back to blogging. :) Congrats on starting your homeschool adventure! I like a lot of the Montessori ideas as well, I take what I like and blend it with Waldorf. :) Look forward to reading more about your journey!