Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Poem

My Montessori Journey had some great posts on poetry. At the beginning of the year I had great plans for poetry. However, I found I had a hard time getting the boys interest and including it in general. When I read this post I knew I wanted to give it one more try!

So I found a basket around my home not in use. Picked a Poem. Found pictures to use and created the poem sheet. Then went to Michael's and bought my items. Total spent: $2.85

We have poetry time once a week on our last day of school using the same poem for a month. The boys loved it right away and when Daddy came home they had to show him! Now poetry time isn't boring. They even ask to do it sometimes before bed in place of a book! I'm so happy about this. I enjoy poetry and felt down that I couldn't figure out how to present it in an engaging way.

One of my favorite aspects of this is that it engages every learning style. Looker, Listener, and Mover. Because of this it captures the interest of every style learner and encourages any underdeveloped learning skills all while having fun and memorizing.

I already have February and March poems picked out. I just need to get all my items together.

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