Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Reading

What we've been reading this month:

Chris -
I'm so proud of Chris. He started out reading the Blues Clues (5stories), Puppy Tales (6stories), and Ready Readers (10stories). By the end of the month he is reading Levels 3 & 4, and Nate the Great!! So he has read a little over 34 books this month! All at his own leisure. None of it was forced. I'm just so happy and proud of him!

Zack - I've been reading to Zack out of this. Zack isn't too crazy about reading. These are great stories that capture his interest and are just long enough to challenge Zack to sit through the last 2-3 pages. Me - I try to balance fiction and non fiction. I usually average two books a month unless there's a reason to read more or less. Like one book has significantly more pages than my usual, has a lot of information to digest or sometimes more if I'm having a bad health month and have to rest more.

The last three books are Amazon linked if you would like to look at them.

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