Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lesson 16 ~ Penguin

I'm finally getting around to posting last week's work. :) Here's what we did:

Map Work: On Monday we locate the continent we are going to learn about on the globe. Then I print out a map and they color that continent red and label it. We pull out the Tag map for fun to hear what it says about that continent. Last we read the Rookie Read-About Geography book on that particular continent.

Videos: Tuesday is our class video day. I mainly have this day when we are learning about subjects that are out of our ability to experience in person at that time. We watched a video on Antarctica by National Geographic's Really Wild Animals called "Cold, Cold, South".

Books: On Tuesday we read any overview books I can find on animals living in the continent we are learning about. Then Wednesday is when I introduce the books on the particular animal that MFW wants you to concentrate on. The books are linked if you would like to explore them on Amazon. :)

Music: We did music activity #2 found in the MFW's deluxe kindergarten curriculum. The boys really enjoy this music time. Which we do on Wednesdays. So far we spend about 15 minutes doing them.
I think that wraps up our week involving MFW.

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  1. Nice activities! The children here are really enjoying the Tag map as well. Thanks for the book suggestions DJ wants to learn about Anartica as soon as I can get him some materials to work with. Thank you for sharing.