Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lessons 21 - 26

Yep! We are done with My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum! We are glad to be done. Ready for new activities - all of us. :)

Lessons 21 & 22 ~ Butterfly & Frog:

I found this website that has neat butterfly and frog cycle worksheets. We put a good bit of reading into these two and actually followed the suggested activities in the teacher's manual! I know - I surprise myself sometimes. :p

Lessons 23 - 26 ~

I could tell my son was tired of this so we did these 4 lessons in 2 weeks. He was really happy about that.

And that concludes My Father's World K curriculum for us!

My personal opinion ~ not for children who would be considered "advanced" in kindergarten. If they can read at any level, know their colors and numbers I would not choose this for them. My son was bored with this most of the time and I spent a good bit of money trying to bring it to his level and keep him engaged. After all, one of my reasons for homeschooling is to keep the "love of learning" in my boys. Boredom and busy work will certainly kill it! I am keeping all of my stuff because it may be a great choice for any of my younger boys. As of right now if would be great for Zack my four year old. I'm still debating on if I should purchase the student materials for him for 2011 - 2012 year. As my mom always said when I was little ~ "we'll see".

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