Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Fun Part 1 of 2

Beach Trip:  I planned on 3 of these this summer - we managed 1! Still a fun day though!

Tried My Hand at "Gardening": I usually kill plants. Every. Single. Time. I really wanted to change that mainly because I want a small vegetable garden. So I'm starting small and getting in a routine and knowledge of plant care. :D ~ boxwood basil, parsley, sweet basil, tomato, and sunflowers
 Hair Cuts: much needed!

 Summer Camp: The boys went to the YMCA day camp for one week! They loved it!

Nathanael's First Hair Cut:

Chalk Days: Quite a few!
Our Mini Taco Buffet:  

 The Real Deal: 

  • I was really disappointed that we were only getting one day at the beach. Ungrateful - yes! I'm constantly having to remind myself when things don't go "my way" to be thankful for what is! 
  • Beach day had serious moments of stress - 3 little ones in a potentially dangerous situation (ex. endless ocean where you may never find your child if lost in it! - do I have worry issues -  a big fat YES! would be the answer), sticky sunblock, sand, wet clothes, etc. = stressful moments. Lots of fun - YES! I love the beach!!!
  • Camp was my idea. I still plan on it next year too. However - I had a list of projects that I planned on doing during those glorious hours of just me and my youngest little gentleman. Yeah, none done. Not one! So I realized - I'm so glad I homeschool. If I sent my kids to school - I'd still get nothing done. Might as well have fun schooling them! This way I at least get something accomplished! ~ that was a little joke :P ~ though there is some truth in there Ha Ha! They really did have such a blast!!
  • Our youngest son was diagnosed with autism during this time. We are on a waiting list with Duke for a second opinion. I agree with the diagnoses. However, I always said that if we were ever in a serious medical situation we would always get other opinions. Also, there were some tests ordered ... and I'd rather them be done a Duke. The hardest thing about this is actually dealing with other people! People seem to mainly do one of two things - Stare him & us down because he is loud and appears to not listen to us or they know he's autistic so they study him as if he is a case and not a human with emotions or has parents that love him dearly standing right there watching them do that! This has happened with strangers, friends, and family. I HATE it! I breaks my heart. No matter what he may be diagnosed with - he is who he is - Nathanael! No more. No less. and he is one of my greatest loves!
  • I would say the hardest thing about summer was - TV time! We've never had cable until recently and once school was done - I found regulating TV time very hard.
We had lazy days, fun days, stressful days, work days, lots of tennis days, lots of riding bikes days - it was summer! We loved it! 

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