Friday, March 22, 2013

MIA & Autism

Hello Lovely People!

I know I have been MIA! Life has certainly kept me busy these past few  - or lots of months! My last post was in August of 2012!

ok enough with the exclamation marks!!!! - sorry had a few more in me :) done. see.

So what I've been up to:

I do not recall if I ever posted about my son's diagnoses? anyhow around this time last year we were discovering that our youngest son is autistic ... along with some other diagnoses. Our school year has been filled with tons of therapy (1 session a day, monday - friday, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours), doctors, trial and error on routines that work for him, school with the big boys, co-op, and choir. (i totally resisted the exclamation, in case you were wondering) Going through all the emotions of this has been draining but I think our family is starting to find balance. and we all love each other of course.

I do not know how often I will actually post. I would like to start posting again, I find it fun. We will see as more balance comes.

For now April is Autism Awareness Month and I signed up for Autism Speaks Walk Now fundraiser. The money I raise goes to Autism Speaks, not our family. I simply ask that you check out my donation page and pray if this is something God puts on your heart to donate to. If donating is not for you and your family, please say a quick prayer that God's Will will be done for my son on Earth as it is in Heaven!

The picture below should take you to my donation page. My walk is April 13, 2013. Thank you so much to all you lovely people that read my blog .... whenever I actually post. :D

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