Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Nice Morning

I've had a nice leisurely morning. I made & mailed out some Thanksgiving cards. I even enjoyed my walk to the mailbox. The trees were bright and crisp, the clouds big and fluffy w/a tint of grey and a nippy breeze. Then printed out some recipes for December and made some shopping lists. One is for our Christmas Adventure project we are doing as a family. I can't wait to post on it. The other list is for the homemade gifts I'll be making soon! I just love and relish every bit of this season!


  1. You are SO organized!!! Love the cute little list paper! :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my sewing pattern video. You should check out my very first sewing video that is a t-shirt resize. You could make those oversized shirts fitted but keep the length long. Then cut out the neckline (as low or high as you want) and cut off the hem of the sleeves. Hope that helps give you some ideas for the shirts...I'm sure from there you'll come up with all sorts of fun things to do with them :) Good luck!