Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Wonder

As fall's breeze gets chillier my thoughts wonder to winter ... winter preparation. Some have more elaborate winter preparation lists than others. Mine is fairly simple. We have always rented and lived in apartments so all I have to do is make a phone call for house winter prep and maintenance does the job for my hunny! Here is what I do:

  • Read this article for inspiration.
  • Take out fall & winter clothes and put up summer clothes. During this time I take a mental note of everything we have and make a list of what everyone needs. We shop sales off season so one child may have winter boots and another doesn't based on what was available or able to be handed down. I put the list in my wallet (because I go back and forth between purses, bible study bags, library bags, diaper bags ... you get LoL). No matter what bag I'm using - I have my wallet with me so when I see a good deal/clearance/sale I can pull out my list, not double buy, and purchase with confidence.
  • I better plan my routines, outings, and cleaning schedules. I do this more in the winter because that's when your inside more. So cleaning matters more to us. Some may find it as important year round. In the summer we just keep the home de-cluttered and picked up, there's no dusting and deep cleaning. However, when your inside all the time and it's too cold to open your windows cleanliness matters. :) I adapt FlyLady's ideas to fit our family during this time. She is awesome! I refresh my FlyLady memory and create new routines and schedules.
  • I create a two week menu plan and shopping list so that when I know the weather is going to be rough for awhile I just pull out my two week shopping list and am ready to go!
  • I print out my Holiday Control Journal. I used a Holiday Control Journal for the past 4 years and I think I will do so for a long time! It works perfect. I even created extra pages adjusted to our family to add.
  • I keep all my papers divided and organized in a Control Journal. Here is an awesome post on building a home planner!
  • Check our medicine stock. This is different for everyone as well. I'm big on trying/using the natural remedy first before using something man made. Whatever you choose for your family when a member "comes down" with something it can be costly if not prepared! I make a list of what's needed and buy one to two items once a week until our cabinet is restocked. I feel this makes it as easy on our budget as possible.

These are my basics that I find the most helpful and make sure I do every year. Hopefully something has helped you as well or at least inspired you in caring for your family. :)


  1. LOVE FlyLady! I followed her a couple years ago, but need to REALLY get back to flying... :) Great list!

  2. This is a great list! I'm trying to do lots of these things too. I think the nesting instinct kicks into full force when we know winter is coming!