Friday, January 6, 2012

My Plan/Tips For Reading Through The Bible

Reading through the Bible is something I always put on my goal list and it's one of the things that never get crossed off. Now I have personally read a little more than 3/4 of the Bible. And boy how I can't count how many times I've read Genesis - Leviticus trying to do Bible Reading Plans.

My main downfall with reading through the Bible - All plans I've previously found require either you read a section of scripture, one verse from psalms, and one verse from proverbs or you read a chapter from the old testament, a chapter from the new testament and a psalm. In my opinion psalms and proverbs are very deep. So I wouldn't want to read them at the same time I read my main portion of Scripture. Well, I could just never fit in that second reading time, I would get behind on reading my psalms and proverbs and eventually give up altogether.
  • Well NOT This Year!!! I am claiming that I will read through the Bible!! Using lessons learned from my past failures I did not give up until I found this site with a Bible reading plan that I knew would fit me. I'm using the plan Through the Bible. I am confident that this plan will work for me. After I printed out my plan, I decided a few things.
  • I must read it in the morning. It only works this way for me. I have to get up at least 15 minutes before the kids do, that's all I need. I have actually woken up early a few times, did my reading and went back to sleep until the kids got up! ... hey I was sick! :D
  • I have the Bible on my kindle. So that should I wake up at the same time the boys do, I can play daily reading in the text to speech format while making breakfast. Making breakfast is usually a quiet time for me.
  • I have my audio Bible cds in my car. So that if we wake up and are on the run, I can pop it in the car and listen to my daily reading! I know it will work if necessary because it's only a few chapters I have to listen to before demands of the radio are being made. :)
This way every area is covered. No matter what the morning brings I should be able to flow with it!! And I love that! I'm prepared.

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