Monday, August 20, 2012

Mountain Born

We finished this book up over the summer. It is about a boy that lives on a farm. He helps his Dad with the sheep and saves a little one. This book is a read aloud for Sonlight Intro. Into World History Part 1. 

We found this book very slow moving. Still good. Just slow. The writing is a different style. I'm not sure how to explain it but I did have to explain what things meant to Chris (7yo). 

Here's a paragraph for an example:
"The sun passed its zenith and the tiny leaves cast their shade at the base of the trees. The sun moved slowly on its course while the shadows of the leaves reached eastward down the slope. A lamb baaed; a sheep stirred. One by one they rose and shook themselves and moved across the pasture to the stream. Snuffing the water in their fussy way, they touched their noses to it. The cool, clear stream was its own assurance. The sheep drank fastidiously, and the lambs baaed curiously at other lambs whose faces look up at them from the water." 

As you can see, it's well written and slow moving. With every other paragraph like that, it really called Chris up in his comprehension. Needless to say - we took a few months on this one. So there were a few read alouds we didn't get to this past school year. That's ok. 

We both cried at the end. 

Do I recommend? Yes - to a mature 1rst grader, or 2nd grade +. The back of the book says ages 9 - 12. 

The book should be linked to amazon. 

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