Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lesson 6 - Turtle

Sorry no pics.

I had a friend come over to help with the my two youngest while I did school with Chris. It's temporary while I'm still healing. I have an awesome link that ties in with this lesson I want to share. Plus I didn't want to miss a post on a lesson. :)

We did the regular calendar, number chart, and worksheets.

Turtle Extras:

Book: Amazing Animals Turtles by Christina Wilsdon. This book has 5 chapters which worked out well. We read a chapter a day and reviewed everything we learned at the end. It's a great turtle book.

Trip to Petsmart: There was only one turtle there but we used that turtle to name and talk about all the turtle facts we read so far. The boys had fun and it was a non stressful way for me to finally get out.

Measuring: We read that sea turtles are the largest turtles growing to as long as 8 feet! I marked 8 feet on our carpet and had Chris lay at one end like a turtle looking towards the other end. This gave him a better idea on how big these amazing creatures are! I was trying to explain to him how big 8 feet is and couldn't when this idea came to mind.

Lapbook: And here is my awesome link! :) A wonderful blog I follow, Practical Pages, posted a link for Aaesop's Fables lapbooks a while back and I saved it. They had one for The Hare and the Tortoise, which is recommend in MFW for additional reading. Chris enjoyed making his first lapbook and told me that was his favorite activity of the week!

That's it. It felt nice to start school back up. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends willing to help me.

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