Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lesson 8 - Dinosaurs

I'm a little late on posting this lesson. There wasn't much involved with this one. The curriculum package I bought came with a book for this lesson titled "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?". This is a great book with basic information that we believe. It tells what the Bible says about when dinosaurs were created, when they lived, how big they were, how sin changed our relationship with all animals but especially dinosaurs, how Noah got them on the ark, and what happened to them afterwards.

I found another awesome book titled "Dinosaurs of Eden" at our Family Christian Store. I liked it so much I bought it for the dinosaur week. Coincidentally they are by the same author Ken Ham, whom happened to be a key note speaker at the homeschool convention we went to earlier this year!
This book goes into much detail about all the basics in the What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs book. It includes lots of Bible verses about dinosaurs and dragons, pictures and details on what dinosaurs lived with what groups of people, and lots more! I found it all very intriguing and so did Chris.

Ken Ham also has a Creation Museum that I would love for us all to go to. However, it's eight hours one way which once we get over 3 hours one way we have found it best to stay over night and that changes how much the trip would cost. Maybe one day. :)

BTW both of the links for the books take you to them on Amazon where you can view inside them.

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