Friday, November 4, 2011

Charlotte's Web ~ book & movie

I've been wanting to do this post for sometime. Maybe a month or so ago we finished our first read a loud for Sonlight Core A ~ Charlotte's Web. We are behind on Sonlight's schedule but slowly we are making these kinds of read a louds a daily family activity. Chris enjoyed this book. I think some parts were a little slow to him but he certainly listened. I enjoyed the re-living! My mother read this book to me when I was in first grade, a little bit, every night before bed! This was a great starter for the year.
I decided that any read aloud that there were movies of, we would watch the movie AFTER reading the book for something fun. I picked out the Charlotte's Web with the people, not the cartoon. I was regretting it at first b/c it's so different from the book. However, after we watched it, we had a lengthy discussion on the differences in the movie and book. I couldn't believe how much Chris noticed! It really opened my eyes to how much he was paying attention when I thought he wasn't. One example of something he noticed was that in the movie when Fern and the boys are at the fair, they buy tickets. In the book, they use money to pay for their rides! Such a small detail, I so didn't even notice that!

Overall this read a loud was a great experience. ... I would recommend the cartoon not the people movie of this book though. The cartoon has much less differences from the book! Still a great family experience whatever movie you pick.
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