Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Activities I

There is so much to do for Christmas, so many ideas, but I try my best to not overcrowd it. There are just so many choices. I plan on listing in a few posts on some (or all :D) of the activities we are including this year.
  • I seen an idea on pinterest where you wrap up your holiday books like presents. So I have a total of 19 holiday/winter books that are being wrapped up plus one big Christmas Stories book to fill in the gaps. We are going to read one Christmas/winter story a day from Dec. 1 - 25. (i will list the books in the post with pictures)
  • I found these cute December Calendar Dates to use for our calendar.
  • I'm printing out these little calendar date pages to use daily in our circle time. (you would click on the part that says "download mini images" above the book section) In our Christmas Stories book there are lots of little stories about how they celebrate Christmas in other countries that will work perfect in conjunction with the calendar pages!
I'm working on these things right now as I type! I can't wait to share pictures but wanted to share the links in case others wanted to do it too!

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