Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've had this bookmark tutorial bookmarked since it was first posted! So yes since 2008! I finally made them. I love the idea of a "handcrafted" or "homemade" Christmas! These bookmarks are Christmas gifts for the girls in my book club. I found the charms on clearance a few weeks back at Michael's. Now I'm going to keep my eye out for charm clearances as I would like to make some for myself and a few other ladies who read frequently!

They are super easy.

Supplies Needed: + a lighter to burn the edges to keep from fraying. How They Turned Out:
Gift Ready:

In Nikki's Tutorial she has really cute pics. of them in use and all the details!

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  1. Very pretty! I think they will love them.
    THanks for linking to A Handmade Christmas and for sharing your link at the carnival!