Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lesson 4 - Apple

I may have taken less pictures this week than last! As it gets closer to time for the baby to come I'm just happy school is going well! Here's some of what we did:

Number Chart: I can't remember what blog I seen this idea on but we started it this week now that he is on number 25. I'll have a better picture next time to see. It's cool though because he is learning how to count by 5s this way.


More Books: That made me wish we had much more than these past two weeks to go over leaves and trees and such.
  • Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
  • The Brook Book exploring the smallest streams by Jim Arnosky
  • Tell Me, Tree by Gail Gibbons
  • Be a Friend to Trees by Patricia Lauber
Rain Walk: I grew up "rain walking" and I had many friends who loved to be at my house when it rained because my mom would let us go out in the rain. I'm so glad to do this with my boys and together as a family, we LOVE it!! There is nothing like it!

Paint an Apple:

Bowling with Daddy: Chris actually got a free bowling pass from our library by completing 4 newspaper activities featured in the Sunday paper. So "the guys" went while I had an OB appointment.

Well that's all I got! Like I said I wish we could dig in more but the kindergarten curriculum is a basic overview. All in time. :)

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