Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MFW Break

School is started here this week and we are officially breaking from My Father's World for 3 weeks! In case you don't know - I'm 39 weeks today! This break was planned for two, I'm just adding on a week. The boys will be doing trays, handicrafts, arts, and read a louds. I personally will be concentrating on keeping house tasks caught up, my own arts, crafts, projects, and reading. I also will be posting things I've been wanting to post on but haven't had the time.

During last week I've found some great deals on some handicrafts & arts! These are some of the activities we'll be doing and I just can't wait:

Michael's: Has had great clearances lately! 2(6pc) Plaster kits, 1 box (makes 10) foam boys, workbook (Chris will ♥), water color pastel crayons, 2 acrylic paint bottles, and a box of colored macaroni $12

Border's: Awesome Handicraft books ~ $10
AC Moore: 2 sketch books (one for me & one for Chris), a little sketch pad (Zack),
pencil set $15I would normally only do one of these trips a week. (scoping clearances for future homeschooling projects) but since we're taking off for 3 weeks and this is what we will be doing. I figure it evens out. I most likely will not be doing any scoping after the baby comes. I plan on digging into all our projects that have been building up!

I'm a little nervous about labor & delivery but excited for what all this break will bring!

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  1. Ohhh, best of luck and prayers for you!! How exciting! Can't wait to see your new little guy!