Sunday, August 15, 2010

ToT School

Zack is 39 months old
I've been wanting for some time now to post on the things we're doing with Zack as well. I really enjoy this blog and she does a ToT School post link up every Sunday. I think this is a great way to post about Zack! Plus I'll get to see what others are doing with their tots.

Trays: You can see all of Zack's trays for this month here. Funnels is his favorite! He spends on average 30 minutes with this tray! When I seen him get some trucks for this tray I was about to say no but then he started using them. I realized he modified the tray and took it to the next level! It requires more skill on his part to use his trucks than just the funnel.

Paint an Apple: Big brother was learning about apples this week so I try to include him when I can. :)
Bowling with Daddy: ~ while Mommy was at an OB appointment
Rain Walk: We LOVE rain walks. There is so much to learn & explore after the rain!
Chalk: Daddy set up the easel for me (which is chalk on one side and dry erase on the other) in our "utility room" so art could be easier for me to accomplish closer to the due date. Zack loves the chalk!

Reading Big Brother Books: We've been checking out big brother books to help prepare him for baby brother coming. Daddy found an awesome one at the library last week called What Baby Needs. It has pictures of the baby nursing mommy, in a sling, bed side sleeping, and show what big brother can do with baby and how he can manage his feelings when upset with baby! Awesome!

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