Monday, August 23, 2010

Lesson 5 - Nest

Lesson 5 was OK. Honestly Chris is starting to get bored with the curriculum. It's pretty repetitive. You do the exact same thing just with a different letter each week. He's actually complaining about having to do the worksheets and he's always been a workbook fanatic (doing them since 2 & only because he loves them!) The parts he's liked the most are the parts I'm adding in. So some debate is going on in my head. We'll see how the break does and I'm doing some research to see if the first grade one is the same. Anyway - here's some activities we did this week:

Number Chart: A better picture of what we've been doing for the "count to 100". He really likes learning to count by 5s. And on his own time has been studying addition and multiplication.

Paint a bird nest:

Animal Homes Lap Book: He really enjoyed this. I found this cute animal home lap book at DLTK right here. I'm pretty sure this was his favorite activity of the week.

  • Animals at Home by David Lock (Reading Level 1)
  • What's Inside? Animal Homes
  • Animal Homes by Angela Wilkes
  • Animal Homes by Barbara Taylor

We usually read all of one or two and then go over the rest. Unless he asks to read all of every book.

That's about all the "extra" we did for animal homes.


  1. You all seem to have full and happy school days! Enjoy every moment!

  2. I'm dropping in from the MFW Blogroll on Mishmash Maggie and have to say that you may want to consider sticking with MFW K if your son is still five. My son will be six next week and so we went ahead and purchased MFW's Grade 1 to use this year (he did AO Horizon Preschool last year.) The subject matter and crafts are good, but the phonics is moving WAY too FAST. It's obvious we shouldn't have skipped over MFW K.

    So I'm ordering the MFW K kit today and we'll begin that once it arrives.

    Your son may be more advanced and reading already, but if he's just learning his letter sounds and vowels, it may be good to wait -- at least until January. Just wanted to give you some food for thought!