Saturday, July 24, 2010

Broom Painting

After last week's art day being not so fun, I was determined that this week it would be different. After all using the Paint without Brushes book was part of the school that I was most excited about.

So the night before I checked the weather (sunny w/no chance of rain) and laid everything out. As I was making breakfast I looked outside and everything looked great. From the time I looked outside and we actually went outside was probably 20 minutes. When we walked out I had all the materials out and ready - we were broom painting! Yeah, in the 20 minutes it rained!! It's a little hard to broom paint on wet pavement! I said we're going out anyways and experimenting until we find something to paint w/our brooms! (in a happy voice, my attitude was much better :)

We tried the sidewalk and it didn't work.
We tried the rocks and dirt and that didn't work as well.
After awhile I got the idea to move the car and there would be dry pavement underneath. But before I did all that work I stuck a broom under there and gave it a shot. Didn't work! In addition, we tried the trees and grass.

Conclusion: broom painting doesn't work. - not with just water and food coloring as the book suggests anyway. Chris was a little grumpy about it but Zack loved it even though nothing was happening. It was still a fun morning and I wasn't worn out afterwards. I think the preparation helped a lot with that.

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