Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introduction - Creation Part 1

Our first week went pretty good. The first two weeks are introduction weeks so they are short and easy. The real work will start week 3. It's good though because it gives everyone time to "get in the groove". The introduction is a Creation study that integrates numbers and letters. For example on day one God divided the light and the dark so they have a number one that they color that is divided with light and dark. It's pretty cool. Here's some of his work:

Number Chart:
Calendar Work:
Creation Book:
Such fun to get started and they have enjoyed everyday. They absolutely love learning and it is my goal & hope to help them keep that love!


  1. Hi, Bridgett!
    I found you on the MFW Blog Roll - I love to connect with other MFW moms. :^) I'll be starting K with my two little girls at the end of August - and ECC with my bigger girls on August 2. I hope you can visit my place...and I wonder if you might especially like my post on MFW K - I have links to grid formats for the K lessons plans here:

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like your basting activity. Lots of fun I see you and your boys will be having.