Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lesson 2 - Moon

Lesson 2 went great and pretty smooth. I'll just get into some of what we did:

Weather Observation: We cut out a four day forecast from our Sunday paper and then recorded on each day two times what he observed. He wrote the days and times and I wrote the descriptions that he gave me.
Moon Observation: We also put a moon observation page in his Observation Journal to record one moon cycle (which does take about a month).
Calendar: He completed his July calendar.
Moon Art: Monday he colored a moon. Wednesday he made a moon mosaic. Thursday he painted a moon.
Badges: There are some different ideas on what to do with the weekly "badges" in the teacher's manual. However, I liked this idea better than finding a place to put up a poster or make a necklace that will get tossed. I took a piece of card stock and he's gluing the "badges" on in order and keeping them in his school notebook. It works great. Tactile Letters: He does this on Mondays and Thursdays using the Cuisenaire Rods. Worksheets: Still one worksheet a day which is perfect for kindergarten, I think. Books: I forgot to include this last week. I didn't check out any of the recommended books for him because if you follow pretty much any Mason Reading List (which we have) then your child read these anywhere between ages 2 - 4! So I've only been checking out informational books, which he loves so it works, other children may need a break in between. I've checked out 3 for each subject so far. The hard part is most info. books on the sun or moon involve things like the big bang theory, evolution, or billions of years ago... Not our thing nor what we want our children to be taught. So make sure you read ahead to know what to skip. In addition, I explained to him that other people don't believe what we believe (because he can read and knows when I skip) but based on these verses (and read them to him) this is why we believe this. The two he liked best were The Sun Our Nearest Star by Franklyn Branley and Usborne Beginners Sun, Moon, and Stars. The Franklyn Branley book says a few times "billions of years" but other than that it's great. The Usborne Beginners book does teach that the sun was formed by thick clouds of dust and gas other than that it's great, especially in comparison to the details in some of the scholastic books in great length on the big bang theory.
Chris seemed to really enjoy the sun and moon lessons so I know he's going to have a blast next week. I have lots of neat things planned for his "leaf" lesson. Also, the activity the MFW teacher's manual has you do on the first day for the moon is awesome. This seemed to really help him grasp the moon reflecting the sun. Which is you go in a bathroom and turn the lights off. Shine a flashlight on the mirror and position it to shine on their face. The flashlight is the sun, mirror the moon, and their face the earth. Well, I think that's it. :)

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