Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Finds

Staples has been rocking these past two weeks. A fellow homeschooler informed me that you can sign up for their Teachers Rewards card. With this card the 1 cent specials that usually have a limit of 2 - 10 become 25 and sometimes the .25 deals limit doubles as well! So far Office Max and Office Depot school specials hasn't impressed me so I've only gone to Staples.
Last week's special:

4(24pk)Crayola Crayons .99, 25 3prong folders .01, 8(8ct)pencils .01

Total Spent: $4.50

This week's special:25 (4oz)glue bottles .01, 2(100ct) index cards .25, 2 (10ct)Bic mechanical pencils .25

Total Spent: $1.31

Last week when I went to Wal-Mart sometime later I seen their Crayola crayons were .25! So I had to look at the price of everything else I bought at Staples and it still saved me around $3 to buy the materials at Staples (which is closer to us than Wal-Mart).

This week's special the mechanical pencils aren't pictured in their packs because as soon as I got home my husband broke into them! He seemed very pleased with me buying him mechanical pencils.

I'm looking forward to more Staples deals! & maybe Office Max & Office Depot stepping up their game :)


  1. Thanks for the tips... I saw them on Money Saving Mom and need to look into a teacher's card. Is it easy to sign up for one??

  2. Your Welcome. & Yes. You just go to customer service and they have the teacher's rewards card form and you fill it out just like for any other store card! They give you the card right away. FYI: the 1 cent an 25 cent specials are only good sunday - wednesday. at least the past two weeks anyway.