Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drip Painting & Fly Swatter Painting

Yesterday we had our first Art Day! I planned to have one once a week but I didn't manage one last week. I would like to say that it was a grand time with fun had by all but I'm real. It was hard! I was having several third trimester symptoms that morning and decided after a quick name that I felt better and could tackle it. NO! I should have recognized that I was having a bad preggo morning and did it another day.

Without going on and on about all the horrible things that took place, I'll sum it up. Everything that could have happened happened. I laugh at myself now thinking about how silly I was and how the construction men working on the house behind us probably thinking I'm a psycho pregnant momma. LoL. I did learn a few things:
1. Try to have Art Day when Daddy is home
2. My attitude is 90% of what's going on
3. If I'm having a "pregnant morning" - take it easy

Here are some pics. of what we did and there were some fun times!

Drip Painting: You take sponges and ball them up into the bottom of socks. Tie a rubber band to hold it down tight.

Their finished paper. As you can see Zack liked smearing it.
Fly Swatter Painting: no details needed (i hope :P)
Finished Paper. As you can see Zack enjoys smearing.
Hopefully I'll have a nicer art post for next week with planning, preparation, use of wisdom, and showing self-control. :)

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