Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Finds

Well tomorrow is our big day! Our first day of Kindergarten! I just wanted to post on some awesome finds before all the school posts start. I have found each of these places to be great money saving resources:

Books A Million:
We only go here a few times a year b/c it's located in a mall that is about 30 - 40 minutes away. Following Charlotte Mason's artist/picture study, I picked two artists (one for each half of the year) to study. There were a few to choose from at Books A Million all for $4.97. I picked two and just spent yesterday going through all pics. in Van Gogh I wanted the boys to study and laminated them. I chose about 27 pictures and there were plenty I passed! Not bad when I see what some what some of the prices are for the like on Ebay!

One of my favorite places! I bought all three books on clearance for $3.97 each! They are for Zack (my 3yo) so he won't feel left out when Chris (my k) is doing his "paper work". I never heard of Gakken workbooks before but they are awesome! In addition to the amazing clearance section Borders never ceases to have, they send out coupons for 33% - 40% off regular priced items in email. This is how I bought the Melissa & Doug latches. I didn't realize until my last trip that Borders has a wealth of Lauri Toys and Melissa & Doug products that you are allowed to use your coupon with! These products link in great w/Charlotte Mason & Maria Montessori's ideas!
Dollar Tree:
This is a very small Dollar Tree trip. I've seen these items at our Wal-Mart (prices vary according to location :) for around $1.97 - $2.97. The Dollar Tree is another of my top favs.! I've found amazing deals for school, learning activities, crafts, floss, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. There are things I never buy there though like food, almost none of their toys, or products like shampoo, lotion, etc.
In addition, BJ's is another great place. They are a wholesale club here that seriously rocks! I don't have any pics. but we recently bought this laminator for under $22 and the refill packs of 50 are $6.99 regular there!
Well that's all my Good Finds for now! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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