Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

After watching this amazing video on how to pack an Operation Christmas Child shoebox I felt so inspired! She tells you how to pack a frugal box and not to be cheap but to stretch our money to go further to help more children. I loved it and had my husband watch it too. Even though he didn't want to at first (only b/c I bore him w/craft you tube videos LoL) he did and has been looking out for sales since! Give a man a mission right?

I would like to have the shoe boxes in mind all through next year to pack as many as possible but for this year we are sticking to three. They will be for each of the boys and they will pack them for a boy their age. (except the baby, I'll be packing his)

My husband found this clearance at Jo-Ann's:
Flip Flops .50, all crafts .50, scrappy .97/each
Total Spent: $5.68
The flip flops and three of the crafts are for our 5yo shoebox. Then the scrappy stuff he bought for me and one craft for our 5yo. I think it's neat. I'm looking forward to see what deals come our way because I've found that when something like this is on our hearts God is always faithful to provide abundantly! Please click on the link and watch the video!


  1. We've done the boxes in the past and love this ministry! Thanks for posting the video. How amazing- 45 boxes for $45!! What a blessing... With all of the school deals out now, there's sure to be a lot for giving to others! :)

  2. P.S. I might post this on my site and link back to you... ;) It's such a great project of giving for not a lot of money and gets the little ones involved and excited too! :)